Updates are:

Forums  changed to blog.

Invasion mode title changed to Operation

Weapon stats updated

Home updated

Zombies will no longer take an entire m4 clip and part of a second clip for body shots as planned origonaly. They will still take alot of body shots and almost a full clip.

Media page added along with two pictures.
The site has been updated. Updates are:

weapons have updated stats,

info page has been taken off,

checklist has been updated,

multiplayer page tital changed,

Dark Events team updated.

and spelling, and grammar mistakes have been fixed!

More updates on the way!
If you are good at modyling, making skins, making maps, or anything else useful for making a full conversion mod then leave a comment here at the forum for this blog post. Just put down that if you are good at that sort of stuff in the comment then just leave your email address at the thing were it says give name and email address. Do not put it in the actual comment unless you want other people to see. If you put it in that place that says leave email address only I can see it. Trust me I will not trick you or spam you with stupid emails. Only with normal emails. I will send you a message telling you about certain things pertaining about the mod. If you succeed and I choose you than whoever those people are will get early access to the single player portion of the mod and be allowed in the multiplayer private beta. The beta might or might not go public sooooooooo yeah. This is alot of work so I need help. Please help me in this and you will go wawarded with stuff I already said AND possibly (if you want) be in other A+game studios mods and maby if possible in the future actual games
New melee and hider weapons have been added go check them out. Then leave a comment in the forum of what you think of them and if you want put ideas for another gun for hiders (only smg's, sniper rifles, or pistols because I am still looking for those types of weapons for hiders). Put real guns no lazer guns in the forums aka HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What easter eggs should I put in the mod. I already have a few easter eggs that I will put in it. If you give me an easter egg and if I decide to put it in I will give your name or a made up name if you don't feel comfturable in putting you actual name (preferably actual name) in the credits and early access to the mod. I hope to read your ideas. Just leave the idea in the comments section. Last thing if you don't do this then well........ PREPARE YOUR ANUS!!!!!!!!!! lol joking...................... maby.........
Raise the hype!!!!!!!!!